‘High C’ Association


Association of artists “Visoko C” was registered in June 2015.

The goals of this association are:

  1. work on projects (opera, plays with singing, opera for children, musicals, etc.);
  2. organizing concerts;
  3. education of citizens, especially children and youth, about the importance of art;
  4. organizing literary, artistic and other festivities with musical accompaniment;
  5. organizing hours of acting, singing as well as summer courses, camps, etc.

The main goal of the association is the expansion of our and foreign musical culture. Spreading a musical singing word is not an easy task. In the above goals, we will try to direct and educate the population through an educational and fun character, with something that they do not have the opportunity to often hear and see.

At concerts “About Love”, a series of eternal melodies performed by soloist singers accompanied by chamber orchestra or piano. The eternal melodies, whether Spanish songs, Italian canons or Russian romances, are sung stories from everyday life about love for the neighbor, according to nature, homeland, etc. The messages of love and beauty of these melodies are something that everybody needs today, in order to make the reality in which we live.



Performing an opera for children is a necessity in the upbringing of children. Building musical taste in the youngest is very important and defines later affinities to music.

The ability to participate in children’s operas contributes to the development of creativity and the strengthening of personality. Children’s operas should be part of the constant repertoire of every theater.



The arrival of children in the theater and the upgrading of transforming visiting, watching and participating in performances into “need” is something that everyone should strive for, because we will direct them to the right values, to the preservation of culture, which is the backbone of every orderly society.

The representative of the association “Visoko C”

Branislav Cvijić – tenor,
soloist of SNT Opera